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4 Questions When Choosing a Tile Distributor

When you buy tiles for your business, pick a company you can work with for the long run. Ask the following questions. That will help you figure out which firm should be your supplier.

How long have you been in the business?

There’s no substitute for experience. A company that’s been in the business for years knows how to deliver results. That’s the kind of partner you want when you look for ceramic tile distributors in Bristol PA.

Do you have modern equipment?

It’s not really a problem if the firm uses old or modern equipment. However, when it comes to accuracy, efficiency, and even speed, companies that use modern equipment come out on top. If you think the equipment is a factor among the companies that are on your list, then pick the one that has invested in modern tools and equipment.

Are the staff helpful?

If you pick that tile distributor to partner with for your business, you’ll find yourself dealing with the staff on a regular basis. Are they helpful? Do they provide the information you need? Or do you get the sense that they’re rushing to get you off the phone? Don’t dismiss that. You might be picking up on cues. If the staff aren’t easy to work with, then it’s a good idea to start looking for a different firm.

Do you have a warranty?

Does the company offer a warranty for its items? That way, if issues occur, you can bring back the defective items. A company that offers a warranty should score high on your list. However, be careful about trusting warranties. Some dodgy companies offer lifelong warranties, but since the company folds in a year or two, those warranties aren’t put to any good use. Keep that in mind so you won’t blindly pick a firm for its warranty policy Tile Gallery.