5 Things to Consider During Commercial Home Renovation in Iowa

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Home Improvement

If homeowners could offer one piece of advice to those considering a Commercial Home Renovation in Iowa, it would probably be don’t live in the house while work is going on. However, most people do, and they simply put up with the dirt, noise, and dust. By knowing what to expect, it’s easier to make the proper preparations.

Things Will be Broken and Lost

Even if items aren’t in the work area, everything in the home is at risk. Accidents happen, but there are a few steps homeowners can take to prevent disasters and losses. Move valuables out of the home, and take framed artwork off the walls. Ask a neighbor to hold them during construction or rent a storage unit.

It May Get Loud

Most people would logically assume this, but some don’t think about how loud the work may be. It might happen at inconvenient times, too. For instance, the crew may decide to cut all the lumber for the day at the same time the baby is going down for a nap.

It Will be Dusty

This is one of the most aggravating things homeowners deal with. Dust gets onto everything, but the best way to fight it is to contain it. Hang plastic sheets over doorways leading to the construction area, and cover pantry and cabinet doors. Vacuum the area often to minimize the tracking of dust throughout the house.

Plumbing Usage Might be Intermittent

This is another thing that, no matter how much planning goes into Commercial Home Renovation in Iowa, can’t be avoided. There’s no way to predict accidents around the home, and it’s important to ensure that the contractor clearly communicates how long the water will be turned off.

It Will Take Longer Than Expected

When drawing up work plans with the contractor, homeowners should come away with an estimate of how long the work will take. After the contractor leaves, add 15% to that number. Contractors never believe they’ll have rain days, delayed shipments, or things to re-do, and homeowners can save themselves a lot of frustration if they anticipate those issues.

Each of these factors is perplexing and can really complicate a home renovation project. However, simple awareness makes it easier to deal with delays and problems. Living in a home during remodeling is challenging, but it’s possible. Call today for Commercial & Residential Roofing estimates.