A Few Things To Know About Deck Cleaning

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Home Improvement

If you really want to brighten up your yard then cleaning the deck is one excellent way to do it, it is not hard and the results are always satisfying.

Whether you elect to use a pressure washer or a deck cleaner, the process should always start with a good sweeping to clear off any loose debris. Use a stiff bristled broom; make sure you get between the boards as much as possible. Once the debris is gone, inspect the deck surface for any repairs that may need doing such as repairing or replacing a cracked board. If, during your inspection you find any rough spots, now is the time to sand them, remember to sand with the grain only.

If you use a high pressure washer you can normally clean the deck with detergents that are not harmful to plants, the water pressure is what does the work, not a chemical. However, if you do use a commercial deck cleaner you may find that is toxic to plants and perhaps even grass. Make sure you cover all vegetation near the deck and work area with a large plastic drop cloth to protect them. As any chemical has the potential of doing damage to your eyes or skin make sure that you wear goggles, gloves, a long sleeve shirt and long pants and do not wear sandals.

When you prepare the chemical deck cleaner make sure it is done in accordance with the instructions, most cleaners have to be diluted otherwise they can quickly eat into the grain of the wood, especially if the deck is pine, cedar or other soft wood. Many people apply the mixture with a power washer; others use a broom or even a paint roller.

When undertaking deck cleaning in Montgomery County MD, do not let the chemical puddle, work fast. It works better if there are two people involved, one to apply the cleaner and the other to move it over the surface. Work the solution until the dirt is removed, don’t let it dry on the deck but it does need a few minutes to work effectively.

Once an area has been completed, rinse it off with clear water and let the deck dry completely before using it again.

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