Advantages of Pet Screens and Pet Screen Repair in Plantation, FL

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Home Improvement

Pet owners, particularly new pet owners, often find that keeping their animals inside can prove to be more of a hassle than they had expected. Window and door screens are no match for even a small but determined dog or cat. The result? Hours spent looking for lost pets and money down the drain replacing screen after screen. There is a solution, though. While pet screens are not invincible, they are much more resistant to scratches and tears. Check out the advantages of installing pet screens below.

More Durable

Once pets have found a point of easy exit from a house, they will keep on going back until they drive their owners crazy. Installing a pet screen can help to stop the vicious cycle of screen replacement and animal retrieval. Although the need for Pet Screen Repair in Plantation FL will occasionally still arise, it will no longer have to be a daily occurrence. They are more resistant to tearing than normal window and door screens, which makes it harder for pets to damage them, to begin with.

Fewer Visits to the Pound

Chances are if a beloved family pet escapes enough times someone will eventually pick it up and bring it to the local pound. Heading in to retrieve said wayward dog or cat can be a stressful and embarrassing ordeal for pet owners. No owner wants to see his or her pet languishing away in doggy jail. Thankfully it can be prevented by installing specialized window screens.

Less Chance of Pet Injury

Household pets anxious to make a break for it won’t necessarily only damage the window screens. They can also become injured either in the course of breaking through the screen or later down the line while they are running amok around the neighborhood. Avoid injuries by preventing them from escaping to begin with.

As noted above, no screen can last forever. When pet screen repair in Plantation, FL does become necessary, be sure to find a repair company with dedicated experience installing and repairing pet screens. Don’t settle for someone without specialized knowledge.