Improving a Bathroom With Glass Replacement Services in Sparks, NV

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Home Improvement

The claustrophobic darkness of a small shower stall in a cramped bathroom can diminish the comfort and refreshment a hot shower provides. These underlit interiors also make it difficult to perform hygiene tasks properly or even clean the stall effectively. Glass walls and doors open up the room and allow more light into the shower stall. They also provide an illusion of more space because they open up the view. Here is what to know about improving the entire room with the addition of glass.

Replacing Existing Doors

If frameless glass will be replacing an older frosted glass door there may be more to the project than just removing one and adding another. Tempered glass doors are heavy and require durable hinges and hardware to hold them in place. Removing the framework will usually mean that new tiles or other cosmetic work must be added into the budget.

Planning the Area

Custom enclosures make it possible to create a glass shower in any room. A technician from the Glass Replacement Services in Sparks NV should measure where the glass is to be installed. Frameless glass showers must fit perfectly to avoid any leaks. It is also important to remember to install the shower head so it will not spray against the door and create a leak. Working with the glass company to create a functional layout will reduce the risk of unhappy surprises later on.

Improving a Tub

Glass doors are also a possible addition when the bathroom has a bathtub and shower combination. The biggest decision to make in these rooms is choosing between sliding doors or a hinged door. Sliding doors often work best when the room is small but frameless glass doors eliminate the need for a track and make cleaning around the door much easier.

Glass Replacement Services in Sparks NV do not only replace old, broken glass but also provide new installations. Homeowners have much more control of the appearance of their bathroom with their custom designs.They install glass in windows, doors and showers and baths as well as install mirrors and much more. Browse Site to learn more about the service and contact them for an estimate or more information.