Call In A Roofing Company If Any Of These Signs Of Gutter Failure Are Seen

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Roofing

Many think that gutters aren’t important, but they play a role in the home’s structural integrity. Gutters carry snowmelt and rainwater away from the home, preventing leaks, flooding and foundation damage. When the home’s gutters fail, the problem should be addressed quickly. Gutters may need to be cleaned, repaired or even replaced. Below are some signs that may indicate the need for gutter replacement by Falcon Roofing.

  • The gutters sag or pull away.

  • Gutters that bow, sag or pull away can’t do their job correctly. This warning sign is easy to see from the outside of the home. In many cases, gutters sag because they’re full, which can indicate a drainage issue.

  • The gutters are rusty.

  • While a contractor may need to climb up onto the roof to see this sign, it’s worth the effort. A rusty gutter will eventually develop cracks and holes that cause water to leak out. Aluminum gutters don’t rust, and they’re becoming more popular as a replacement option.

  • The basement becomes flooded.

  • Failing gutters are a primary cause of flooding in the basement. A flooded basement can cause serious property damage, and it’s wise for the homeowner to get the gutters replaced quickly if this is occurring.

  • Water marks are present on the home’s exterior.

  • Water splattered on the outside of the home will leave stains, mold growth or peeling paint. If any of these signs is spotted under the gutters, they are in need of replacement or repair.

  • The gutters are cracked or split.

  • Even a small crack needs to be fixed right away. Running water is forceful, and it can make a small hole into a bigger one. While small repairs can be done by the homeowner, replacement should be done by a Roofing Company.

Many homeowners don’t notice the signs of gutter damage until it’s too late, and there’s already foundation or structural damage to the home. Early detection is the easiest way to prevent a small gutter problem from getting out of control. By watching for the signs of gutter failure, and by knowing when to call in a Roofing Company, homeowners can keep their gutters working as they should.