Caring For New Carpet in Longmont

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Flooring

New carpeting requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking its best. Failing to take steps to care for carpeting can lead to premature wear. Here are some tips to help keep new Carpet in Longmont looking just as good as the day it did when it was first installed.

Use Mats Or Runners In High-Traffic Areas

Protect new carpeting by positioning small rugs or runners in areas where people or pets tend to walk most. These can easily be removed from the carpet when desired. They work well at trapping dirt or moisture and will also help to keep fibers of the carpeting from wearing as quickly. Keep a few sets of these helpful tools on hand to change the appearance of rooms quickly.

Keep Damaging Substances Away From The Carpet

It is best to avoid eating or drinking in carpeted areas if possible. If the carpeting is located in a dining area, use a rug underneath the table to protect it from staining. When something does happen to spill on a carpet, immediately blot the area with a clean piece of cloth. Do not rub the carpet as this will spread liquid through the material. Vinegar works well at removing some stains without causing damage. In severe cases, calling a carpet cleaning service is best.

Take Time To Clean Carpeting Appropriately

Check with a carpet installation service to find out the proper steps necessary to clean the material without causing it damage. Ask about stain resistant materials or carpet protection additives to keep your investment safe. Make sure vacuum cleaner wheels are clean and dry before removing loose debris from carpeting. Steam cleaning carpet each month can also keep it looking like new. Many people hire a cleaning service to conduct this type of procedure to reduce the risk of damage.

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