Tips And Tricks From Residential Locksmiths In Suffolk County NY

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Locksmith

Who knows more about securing homes and vehicles than Residential Locksmiths in Suffolk County NY? After all, locks and security are how they put food on the table. If a person wants to know how to keep their home and car safe, they will listen to what a locksmith has to say.

Expensive Locks On Cheap Doors

Residential Locksmiths in Suffolk County NY know that a lock can’t do much for a door that is poorly designed. Some criminals use brute force to gain entry. Even if a home has a double-cylinder deadbolt that is the best in its class, the house won’t have much security if the lock is attached to a flimsy door. A homeowner has to make sure all their exterior doors are sturdy and designed to keep intruders out.

The Location Of Glass

It’s amazing how many homeowners don’t pay attention to the location of the glass that’s on their doors. Using a single-cylinder deadbolt next to a glass panel is just asking for trouble. A criminal just needs to bypass the panel of glass so that the knob on the lock can be turned. Skilled criminals can bypass the glass without making a sound.

Adding Light

Even if a person has the best door with a quality lock to protect it, giving a criminal too much time to work on the door is a bad idea. Having a motion detector that will shine light on the door boosts a home’s security. A criminal can is willing to work in the shadows, but not under a bright light that alerts everyone to their presence.

Locking The Upstairs Windows

Some criminals are aware that a lot of people tend to leave upstairs windows unlocked. People tend to feel that intruders won’t put in the effort to get to these windows. Unfortunately, some criminals do put forth the effort to try upstairs windows. All windows in a home should be locked in order to prevent intruders. Anyone who wants help with their locks or security can visit for more information.

Outsmarting criminals is the name of the game when it comes to home security. If a person doesn’t want to be a victim, they will have the right security measures in place. You can also connect them on Facebook.