Caring For Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Home Improvement

When someone is looking for an alternative to expensive wooden furniture pieces, purchasing one made with Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA is a great alternative. This type of furniture is constructed with a thin layer of expensive wood placed over a lesser priced surface. Here are some steps to take when caring for Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA.

Cleaning wood veneers should be done in the same way as a solid wood surface would be cleaned. First, dust the area with a piece of lint-free microfiber cloth to see if there are any blemishes on the surface that need to be dealt with. If there is an area with caked on debris, it can be wiped down with a moist piece of cloth. It is important not to use water on veneers as it can seep into the surface of the wood causing it to warp as a result. Use lemon oil to polish the veneer surface after all dirt has been removed.

Do not place glasses or cups full of liquid directly on a wood veneer surface. This can cause unsightly watermarks to appear. Do not place hot items on the surface either as they can cause melting or an alteration in color. Instead use a pot holder or trivet to raise hot dishes off the surface of the veneer.

Repairing a veneer is not that difficult. If the thin wood veneer separates from the substrate underneath, it will need to be glued back into place. Apply glue directly to the back of the veneer and hold in place using a clamp. If the clamp is too small for the area where the separation is occurring, use bricks, cinder blocks or another solid item to hold the veneer into place until it dries in its entirety.

When someone is interested in having furniture with Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA themselves, they can contact a reputable dealer for pricing and suggestions on pieces to purchase. A contractor would then be able to place them in the home. Visiting a site like can be helpful in the selection of wood veneers available.