The Most Common Signs You Need Sump Pump Replacement in Brick

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Landscaping

Homes, that experience frequent problems with flooding use a sump pump to keep moisture around the foundation to a minimum. However, your sump pump, similar to any other device in your home, will eventually need replacement. These are often located in the basement, putting them far from the front of a homeowner’s mind, but knowing the signs and spotting them early should allow you to stop a problem before it gets out of hand. By getting sump pump replacement, long before a serious problem starts, you can save thousands in the long run.

Old Age

Pedestal-type pumps were once one of the most common of sump pump models put into a home, and you are likely to have one if your home was built a while ago. Workers install pedestal pumps above the water in your sump basin on a tall, narrow pipe, along with a hollow-ball float switch with a long shaft. These tend to produce a lot of noise and are easily tipped over. Even if the pump is not quite showing signs that you have an emergency on your hands, it is simply not built as well, or as safely, as modern designs. Sump pump replacement in Brick may be your best option to avoid an eventual problem with your outdated pump in the future. Visit website domain to learn more about the options available to you, and discover how cost-effective replacements can be on your budget.

Frequent On and Off

Your sump pump suddenly began cycling on and off, frequently, just a few weeks ago, and even a heavy rain was not enough to stop the odd cycle. The problem may be as simple as an incorrectly adjusted float switch, but you need professional help to determine whether this is true. If the problem is not treated quickly, the motor will eventually burn out before its lifespan is up. Sump pump replacement is then impossible to ignore.