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Concrete Pool Resurfacing in Nassau County NY

Concrete is the most popular surface for in-ground pools. It is durable and low maintenance. It is also porous and susceptible to staining and discoloration after eight to ten years. At this point, the pool will need Resurfacing in Nassau County NY by an experienced pool company. The cost of the project will depend on the condition of the surface, the size of the pool, and the choice of surface finishing.


Plaster is the most cost-effective finish option. An aggregate surface is typically at middle range. Marble dust, glass tile, or ceramic tile is at the top of the price range and will also add time to the project. It is important to get tiles lined up right for function and aesthetics. Free estimates, affordable rates, and high-quality services are available when the right company is selected to do the job.

The Process

Pool Resurfacing in Nassau County NY is not a quick process. There are videos and products that encourage homeowners to make resurfacing a do-it-yourself project (DIY) which is not realistic. Professionals have experience, the right equipment, and work together to make the whole process go by as smooth and fast as possible.

The old surface needs to be removed before the pool can be resurfaced, for example. In a DIY project, this must be done manually while professionals can blast the surface down to a smooth surface with a power blaster machine. The new surface, whichever one is chosen, must be installed correctly to avoid any cracks, leaks, or frequent repairs. Those situations can be expensive. Save time, money, and stress by calling in the professionals to do the job right the first time.

Other Pool Services

Having the pool resurfaced is an investment but it is also an excellent opportunity for renovations and upgrades. Filter upgrades can save money on utility bills because the pump and filtration system will operate more efficiently. It is also a perfect time for heater installation. Plan on it for the next resurfacing project so the family does not have to wait another decade for upgrades and frills. The pool was constructed for family fun after all. Homeowners can click here for estimates and details on all options.