Professional Pool Maintenance in Pearland Lets Homeowners Enjoy Their Pools More

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Swimming Pools

As days grow longer and temperatures start rising, homeowners start to get anxious to prepare their swimming pools for the summer season ahead. Crystal-clear water and properly operating components don’t just magically happen with a homeowner’s pool, however. Homeowners in the Houston area need to call on a company that offers Pool Maintenance in Pearland to help prepare their swimming pools for use throughout the upcoming warm months.

Maintenance needed to open a pool

The first step that should be taken to start getting a pool ready for the summer season is ensuring the water is at the correct level. Experts recommend leaving water in the pool over the winter, particularly in warmer climates. If the water level has dropped, the pool should be refilled. Then the chemicals need to be checked. It’s best to have the water tested by a professional pool company that can measure alkalinity, mineral content, pH levels and chlorine levels. The pool’s filtration equipment needs to be adjusted if necessary and then put into the pool. Finally, needed chemicals can be added to bring the pool’s water into the proper balance.

Maintenance needed during the pool season

Even if it’s perfectly balanced at the start of the swimming season, a pool won’t stay in balance for the next several weeks or months. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the water is safe and the swimming experience is enjoyable all season. A professional pool company that provides Pool Maintenance in Pearland can take weekly or bi-weekly maintenance chores off homeowners’ hands, which gives them more time to enjoy the pool. Skimming the water, brushing the walls and vacuuming the pool are just some of the regular chores that should be done each week. Chemicals need to be checked and added when needed. Testing the pool water regularly to ensure chemicals remain properly balanced and keeping filters clean and functioning properly are two other tasks that must be done regularly. These chores keep a pool running efficiently, allowing homeowners to enjoy it rather than spending their time doing time-consuming maintenance.

Where to find a pool maintenance company

A swimming pool company that strives to provide honest and valuable service is one that homeowners will appreciate working with. Cryer Pools in the Houston Area has been in business for over 40 years. Find more information on the company at