Contact an Impact Window Supplier in Hialeah

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Windows

Every year, Miami endures severe storm weather. Some years are worse than others, which always makes storm season a worrisome time. As a homeowner, you may wonder about some things you can do to reinforce your home to protect it from storm damage. Roofers may suggest moving to architectural shingling, whereas professionals will suggest high-impact windows.

Storm Damage

During a storm, high winds can easily pick up objects and carry them hundreds of feet. During a hurricane, the winds exceed 74 mph. Miami is located on the coast and vulnerable to hurricanes. As the winds pick up over the gulf and ocean, the rain and wind mixture hit residential homes causing exterior damage. You can use sandbags to help direct water and prevent flooding. An impact window supplier in Hialeah such as Windows Professional offers professional impact window installation.

Professional Installation

Impact windows are built to withstand high impact due to storms. They have been tested against projectiles. For example, if a chair is lifted during the storm and crashes into your basic window, the glass will easily shatter into your home and allow rain to enter. High-impact windows are much more resistant to damage. Instead of shattering, they will remain strong or slightly cracked if a chair whips against the exterior. The best impact window supplier in Hialeah will offer installation services. It is important that a professional installs the windows. If the windows are installed poorly, they will not have the highest level of resistance.