Current Trends In Kitchen Renovations in Seattle WA

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler

While most people don’t necessarily care about current trends, they want their kitchen to look gorgeous after renovations. Therefore, it may be helpful to learn about the various trendy options right now and determine if they are something you may want in your home for years to come.

Built-In Bliss

It seems that everything now is built into the walls, cabinets, or attached to the counter in some way. Building items into the décor is practical and aesthetically pleasing. You have more counter space because appliances and tools aren’t cluttering the surface, and you can easily access whatever you need. Options can include coffee centers, dishwashers, can openers, microwaves, wine storage and so much more.

Sculptural Appearance

More and more kitchens look like sculptures in a museum. The reason behind the trend is that people want things to look as best as they can and still be practical. Therefore, they may choose glass stove hoods, chiseled cabinets, and more to make the kitchen look more beautiful.

Better Cabinets

Kitchen Renovations in Seattle WA can help you modernize your cabinetry to be part of the 21st century. You can have smooth lines, intricate designs, slide openings, and little pockets for other tools, such as trash cans and the like. You can hide away cleaning products and other essentials while still keeping them close at hand for spills. You can also consider open cabinets without doors for a more contemporary and modern look.

Appliances And Accessories

No kitchen would be complete without new accessories and appliances. You can upgrade benchtops and handles, get new waste bins and storage options, as well as new refrigerators, ranges, and the like. Plus, many things are now computerized, which can make them easier and quicker to use, as well as more convenient for the household.