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Custom Accordion Doors Can Divide a Portland, OR Room in A Classy Way

When it comes to commercial room dividers, nothing says class, elegance, and style quite like accordion doors do. They are constructed of sturdy panels and fold in and out on wheels. Their basic working principle is the same as the musical instrument they are named after. Unlike pocket doors, they don’t entirely disappear into a wall, but they can be folded back to be unnoticed by the walls when you want space and then easily pulled back out again when you want to divide your room. In short, they are both attractive and functional.

Many benefits

Accordion doors can divide closets, cover-up wall safes, and provide a method of organizing a pantry. They are highly versatile, and, if you have a large space, you can use accordion doors to divide it up into multiple areas; a living room can contain an office, for example, or a basement recreation room can also have a music room. The possibilities are endless.

Some accordion doors are commercially treated for blocking sound, which makes them handy for dividing sleeping areas of a house from other areas. They can also be used to lower your energy bills by walling off areas from your HVAC ducts; Basically, you only get warm or cool air where you want it and nowhere else. To learn more about accordion doors and other types of commercial room dividers, visit the Accordion Door Store website at