Custom Mirrors are a Beautiful Addition to Any Home, Get Some in Chicago

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Glass Repair Service

Glass is a stunning and unique way to add dimension to any home or office space. Custom glass creations can be beautiful pieces of art that can act as prisms when the sun hits them just so, or that can give even the tiniest room a feeling of spaciousness. If you are looking to customize your home with stunning glass, mirrors in Chicago are a great way to do that and if you can find magnificent, one of a kind pieces in the Chicago area.

Decorating with Glass

Any designer worth their salt knows that adding glass elements to small rooms immediately makes them feel bigger. By pointing your glass pieces at natural focal points in your room, you create the illusion of depth. It also allows both natural and artificial light to bounce off the reflective surface, which not only brightens the space, but also makes the room feel larger, thanks to the light bouncing within it. Another great way to use glass is to point it outside, especially if you have a particularly lovely view of nature. The reflection within your home does wonders for your view and your mood.

The Superstition of Glass

While glass is a popular décor choice and can add unique and beautiful design elements to your home, there is a lot of superstitious baggage that comes with glass, specifically with looking glass. Everyone knows, for example, that if you break a looking glass, no less than seven years of bad luck awaits you. Despite this, most people agree having mirrors in your home is worth the risk, and those people can find beautiful, custom pieces in the Chicago area.

If you are looking to add beautiful mirrors within your own home, you may do so by contacting Lakeview Glass Inc. in Chicago.