Discover Advances in Glass Repair in Greenwood IN

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Glass Repair Service

Broken and cracked glass does not mean automatic replacement. People and businesses can save themselves a substantial amount of money by discovering the information regarding advancements in Glass Repair in Greenwood IN. Instead of throwing out the window, table top, or mirror ask experts to take a look to assess whether it can be repaired. Many are surprised at how far repair techniques and equipment has come in the past decade. A small crack or ding was fixable with messy epoxy fillers, but anything larger had to be replaced. Today, large cracks can be repaired in ways that restore the strength and integrity of the piece.

An experienced company that has been in business for over seventy years has kept updated on advances since the doors opened. Continuing education for technicians, installers, and designers means more repairs can be completed at lower costs than replacing glass items. Glass door panels, mirrors, shelving, shower enclosures, and storefronts can all be fixed quickly and look like new. Repair technicians are available to go on-site to determine if a replacement is required, or if a repair will suffice.

It is important to keep in mind that one component of the determination is whether the repair will be safe and secure. If the Glass Repair in Greenwood IN will compromise the safety of the structure, a replacement will be recommended. Any repair that cannot restore strength leaves the piece subject to sudden shattering, breakage, or bursting under the pressure of the glass. Business and homeowners can click here for details on assessments and estimates for repairs.

In addition to glass repairs, sales, installations, and custom designs are available. Shower enclosures, for example, can be custom designed to fit any space available. An odd-shaped bathroom does not mean people have to settle for a shower curtain. Commercial storefronts, staircases, and industrial glass walls can be designed and installed as well. Glass display cases, counters, and shelving can make small shops appear larger, and highlight merchandise to increase sales revenues. Entice customers into the store by presenting innovative displays in large storefront windows or intriguing them with frosted, colorful, or etched glass panels.