Do You Know the 3 Important Areas of LEED Certified Buildings?

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Wallpaper and Coverings

If you are interested in properties that protect the environment, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is a good place. Although there are many facets to being LEED certified, it can be summarized in three key aspects – materials, indoor quality, and water conservation.


For a building to be LEED certified, the materials used in the construction are evaluated against certain standards. Processes are also considered to look for waste in both construction and operations. Some of the practices that are used for materials and resources in LEED certification are areas for storing recyclable materials. You should also only purchase products that are made from recyclable or environmentally-friendly materials. Consider every aspect of your business, including supplies for cleaning and companies that you use for janitorial services.

Indoor Quality

When most people think about the indoor quality of their buildings, aesthetics typically come to mind. With regards to LEED certification, indoor quality refers to the environment. Using cleaning products that are free of chemicals and other harmful contaminants help you attain LEED certification. Also, look into the air quality of your building, and invest in chemical-free air cleaning systems, such as ultraviolet lights.

Water Conservation

Water shortages are unfolding across the country and taking steps to protect this vital resource contribute to a LEED certification. You can install low-flow toilets and automatic faucets to help with getting LEED certification. If you water the landscaping of your building, consider xeriscaping and other options that require little to no water for maintenance.

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