Looking for a Natural Wall Covering in the USA? Consider Grasscloth

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Wallpaper and Coverings

If you are looking for a natural material to decorate your home with, consider grasscloth wallpaper. It is a versatile material that can offset small nooks and large accent walls.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

This type of wall cover begins with plant material. Some common grasses are abaca, which is part of the hemp family, sisal, and jute. Many people are familiar with jute because it is used in burlap. Growers harvest the fibers from these plants’ trunks and branches. Manufacturers may combine them with other green products to increase their strength. A common addition is cotton. The final product is dyed and applied to a wallpaper backing. Because Mother Nature creates the base, there is always texture and irregularities in the patterns, making the coverings unique and sought out.


Each roll will be slightly different, so there is a contrast when one strip is applied next to another. Designers who want to accent a wall might choose this paper to draw attention. Damp rooms are not the best environment for this plant-based decor because the fibers can react to humidity. There are ways to use it in powder rooms, but it should not come in contact with splashing water or wet mops. Most living spaces, dens, and bedrooms are suitable for this delicate paper.


To keep your walls looking fresh, follow the manufacturers cleaning guidelines. Some companies recommend lightly dusting the surface. You don’t want to scrub the weave or use water on it. To learn more about grasscloth wallpaper and your color options, contact Wolfgordon.com at http://www.wolfgordon.com/.