Excellent Reasons to Install a Home Security System

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Security

Buying an entire home security system might be a little pricy for most folks, but with all the advances in the security field you can start small and build the system you want. You can start your home security in Chicago with a home controller, an extremely sturdy deadbolt, and a couple of cameras.  If you do not have some sort of home security, studies have shown that you three times more apt to experience a break in. A good company is one that works for you to slowly build up your system within your budget.


Now and again, a criminal might target a home, either intentionally or accidentally, when you or a family member is home. A thief can be startled to find anyone in the house and in their panic, might act aggressively leading to someone getting hurt. With home security in place, you can greatly decrease the chances of someone being able to get in in the first place.


For most people thinking of home security their biggest worry is of home invasion, but you are more likely to have a house fire. If you have smart fire alarms installed, the company providing your service can even notify the fire and police departments. The sooner they get there the less damage you may sustain. In less than 30 seconds, a little fire can grow into an inferno.

Carbon Monoxide

Did you know that in a home, carbon monoxide can be caused by woodstoves, ovens and even your heating system to name a few. Carbon monoxide is odorless and can kill in a short amount of time. You should add a carbon monoxide as part of your security system.  Since you have someone who is monitoring the alarms, you run less risk of poisoning. Alert Protective Services has made a business out of keeping you and your loved ones safe for over 30 years.