Fire Safety Plans at Home

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Security

While no one wants to consider that a fire could happen in his or her home, fires actually occur in over 350,000 homes every year. Your home could be at risk too. These four tips will help keep you and your family members safe should the unthinkable happen at your home.

Have a Plan for the Family

Every family needs an escape plan that is specifically designed for their own house, ages and needs. Children should know what a smoke alarm sounds like, how to exit the home in several different ways and where they should meet up with family or how they should contact them after they escape.

Have a Home Fire Escape Ladder at Home

A Home Fire Escape Ladder is often necessary in second floor rooms and especially in bedrooms should a fire in the hallway trap an individual inside the room. These ladders easily attach over a windowsill and allow individuals to climb down to safety outside the home.

Keep Smoke Detectors Ready

Smoke detectors are important devices that can alert the entire family as soon as smoke is in the air. They should be installed in all bedrooms as well as near the kitchen and other major living areas. Check them monthly to ensure that batteries are still working.


Families should practice fire drills once to twice per year. This is also a good time to review emergency telephone numbers and other important practices, such as how to stop, drop and roll.

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