Get Rid of Those Nasty Pests With Roaches Extermination

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Pest Control

Roaches are considered one of the vilest insects because they carry diseases and germs. These insects can cause an illness that is similar to Salmonella. When homeowners are dealing with these nasty insects, it is important they seek the professionals for Roaches Extermination.

Signs of Roaches

Roaches are nocturnal creatures so it is rare for them to be seen during the day. This is why many homeowners are not aware they have a problem until it has become an infestation. If a homeowner begins seeing roaches during the day, this means they have a true problem that needs to be taken care of by Roaches Extermination services.

If these signs are present in a home, a homeowner needs to call an exterminator:

  • A roach’s waste resembles dark brown coffee grounds, and they eliminate frequently.
  • Roaches emit a foul, musty odor that is unmistakable.
  • Oothecae are oblong brown egg casings that are left behind after the roaches hatch.

Should a homeowner notice any of these signs, it is imperative they seek a professional exterminator right away. The average female cockroach will create about 50 eggs at a time, and it only takes about 100 days for them to hatch. This is why cockroach infestations can occur fairly quickly in a home or business.

How Does an Exterminator Destroy Roaches?

One of the first steps an exterminator will take is to instruct a homeowner on how to make their home less desirable for the roaches. Water and food sources are a must for roaches and, if these are not present, they will starve to death.

Chemical solutions are needed when there is a major roach problem. The chemicals will be used to not only kill the adult population but also the young. This is vital for ensuring the entire population of roaches is killed. Subsequent visits by the exterminator will be needed to ensure the entire population is removed.

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