Don’t Let a Little Rodent Become a Major Problem, Use Viking Pest Mice Control in New York

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Pest Control

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Unlike rats, who are larger and more menacing, many people think of mice as cute.  Think about the cartoons that so many of us love and the loveable mice that feature in them.  Therefore, when we see a mouse in our house, we might be tempted to dismiss them as a health hazard.  After all, what can something so tiny and cute-looking really do to our homes or our health?  The answer is a lot more than you think.

Mice are notorious for causing hidden property damage.  When they decide to nest in your home, they use things for nesting material.  This can create a mess, and, if they nest in your walls, can create a horrible stench if one of the mice dies in the next.  However, it can also create expensive problems.  For example, mice are notorious for choosing to nest in or near A/C units, and can damage the units with their nesting materials or by chewing through wires.  In fact, mouse-gnawed wires can create problems throughout your home, and can create a serious fire-risk.

Mice also carry disease.  While they might not look as intimidating as their larger relative, the rat, mice carry the same wide range of diseases as mice.  These disease range from the inconvenient, like tapeworms, which can infest you and your family, to the potentially deadly, like the bubonic plague.  Plus, they love to transmit their diseases.  Rodents, including mice, use urination and defecation as a way to provide tracks for themselves and for other rodents, urinating and defecating more than any other animal- up to 100 times per day.  You do not have to come into contact with a mouse or even one of its fleas to be exposed to disease, because some of these diseases are transmitted in waste matter.