Getting a Custom Bathroom Mirror in Houston TX

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Construction and Maintenance

Getting a Bathroom Mirror in Houston TX is easy and inexpensive. They can be found at any department store or home improvement outlet. What many people in the area do not realize is that getting a custom bathroom mirror can also be easy and inexpensive. Ordering from the manufacturer has many benefits. First of all, the mirror will not be like everyone else’s mirror. It will be unique to the homeowner’s style and preferences. It will fit exactly into the desired space, and be the focal point of the room. The freedom to choose the size, shape, style, and type of glass is fun and exciting.

Customized mirrors professionally installed can update or change the whole look of the room with one purchase. There is no need to do a complete renovation or spend time and money redecorating the bathroom. Place an oval mirror with beveled glass on the wall, and the room looks bigger, better, and brighter. Manufacturers of glass, like Mr. Glass & Mirror LLC, for example, specialize in creating shower enclosures, glass walls, mirrors of all types, and glass doors. It is all they do so they are experts at it, and can offer design, manufacturing, sales and installation services. A Bathroom Mirror in Houston TX is no problem. Customers can give dimensions only, give detailed designs, and specify the type of glass they want. They can provide as little or as much input into the process as they desire.

Glass doors are also available in many options. Bi-fold doors have folding sections that require minimal space. These are great for small showers, corner cabinets, and tiny closets. Swinging doors have notched or angled panels and are used for full access. Framed, frame-less, and semi-framed doors are other options. Treatments are available for all types of glass. The factory applied ones offer better protection, require little maintenance, and carry warranties of up to ten years. Examples of those include Glassguard, SealPro, AquaGlide, and EnduroShield. Having custom design and professionally installed glass in the bathroom or interior of the home is easy and cost-effective. It can also increase the value of the property and make the home stand out if it is ever placed on the real estate market.

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