Here’s What’s Trending Now in Custom Cabinetry and What It Means for You

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Kitchen Renovation

Styles change from year to year, although sparkling white has been the go-to style in custom cabinets in Boca Raton for as long as anyone can remember. However, trends aren’t just about the hottest colors and textures this year. They’re about ideas, how they work, and how they look. Color is coming back into style as well as mixing things up for a personalized custom look. Here’s what we mean.


Wood enjoys so much variety that its textures can be mixed and matched for amazing effect. For example, using knotty pine for the backsplash and border above the cabinets in combination with hand-scraped wood on the floor. Another idea would be to use a highly polished chunk of wood looking as if it had just been dragged indoors from the forest. Counters and the island could show this idea to a dramatic effect.


Neutral colors like beige and gray are being traded for subdued colors in the main rooms. In kitchens and baths, more personalized colors are being used to showcase cabinetry. Trending now is turquoise, autumnal oranges, rosy pinks, and sunshine yellows. These highlight wood and natural stone floors while giving kitchens and baths a pop of color that inspires and soothes.


Square is so last decade. Today’s kitchens and baths feature a combination of cabinets inset with dish racks, shelves, and tall cabinets anchoring regular-sized cabinets. Cabinets enclose the fridge or the pantry. Cabinets beneath the island feature latticework and/or frosted glass.

Slender cabinets and drawers march side by side with regular square custom cabinets in Boca Raton. Built-ins atop regular cabinets are trending now. Skinny cabinets with pull-outs are handy for those with smaller spaces in which to work. Also trending are thin drawers beneath counters with gold or wood hardware.

This is the year of mixing and matching new ideas in color, texture, and shape. What are your ideas for custom cabinets?