How to Prepare for a New Glass Installation in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Home Improvement

The glass is found in just about every area of the home. From the shower doors to the windows found in each room, glass adds to the beauty and function of those spaces. When the glass is damaged, it makes sense to arrange for a professional to handle a new Glass Installation in Santa Clarita CA. Here are some of the ways the homeowner can prepare for the service call and ensure things go well.

Making Room for the Replacement

One of the first things to do is make sure there is nothing in the way that would slow down the process of the new Glass Installation in Santa Clarita CA. If the plan is to replace some broken glass in the French doors leading into the dining room, make sure the professional has plenty of room to set up tools and other essentials. This may mean temporarily moving furniture and other things away from the work area.

Protecting the Floors

There will be the need to haul supplies in and out of the house to complete the new installation. Use the drop cloths stored in the garage to cover the carpeting and make a path from the front door to the work site. This allows the repair professional to move freely in and out of the house without worrying about tracking in dirt. Once the job is done, it will be easy enough to gather those drop cloths, take them outside for a good shaking, and fold them for storage.

Keep the Family Dog at Bay

While the dog normally has the run of the house, it pays to contain pets while the glass installation is in progress. While the pet may be friendly, the professional is there to take care of the glass replacement and not to play. If possible, have the kids entertain the dog in a bedroom or any other area of the house that is far away from the work site.

When any glass around the house is damaged, visit the website today and schedule a service call. It will not take long to come up with the right solution, remove the broken glass, and ensure the client is happy with the quality of the work.