If you Want to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit in or Near Murrieta, California

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Home Builder

You love your home and property in Murieta in the San Gabriel Valley area of California. However, circumstances in your life have changed since you built your home there. Your parents are getting older and you would prefer that they live near as opposes to moving to an assisted living facility further away. Your parents value their independence and don’t want to move into your home as spacious as it is. They would prefer the chance to have their privacy.

You have come up with what you all think is a great compromise. You will build an accessory dwelling unit in Murrieta, CA. You have the room on your property and your parents are agreeable to this arrangement. Now you need to find a great company to build your accessory dwelling unit in Murrieta, CA.

You want the accessory dwelling unit to completely fit in with the architecture of your original home. You also want it to be as luxurious as possible for your parents.

With housing and land becoming less available in California, an accessory dwelling unit is your best way to go. You insist that the company which will build this new dwelling have a lot of experience and creative abilities to provide a turnkey unit.

California law has recently changed to become for used friendly for these dwellings. They have made it quicker and easier to be approved for the building of these units.

For the best company to hire to design, and build your accessory dwelling unit, please reach out to SDS Homes Construction at https://sdshomes.com/.