Increase Home Value & Appeal with a Kitchen Remodel with the Help of a Remodeling Company in Southwest Florida

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

If a homeowner is searching for a way to increase their home’s value, chances are they are considering what investment will be best. Major home improvement and remodeling projects are not an inexpensive endeavor, which means it is essential to recognize the value of a dollar. Since kitchen remodeling is a major home improvement, it also provides a pretty significant return on investment. Based on the actual housing market as well as the type of improvements that are made, remodeling the kitchen can boost the home’s resale value quite a bit. However, prior to investing in this remodel, it is a good idea to hire a quality Remodeling Company in Southwest Florida to help with the process. They will ensure a significant ROI is gained on the efforts.

How will the Kitchen Fare?

While they can be quite expensive, major kitchen remodeling projects will provide a significant cost-to-value ratio for a homeowner. According to a recent report, kitchen remodeling fares better than bathroom remodels in regard to home value. In fact, a kitchen remodel will provide a return of almost 69 percent, whereas the bathroom remodel will only offer a 57.2 return. Additionally, kitchen remodeling will rank well in terms of increasing the home’s value when it features a quality design.

Minor Remodeling Projects

In most cases, minor kitchen remodeling will include new drawer fronts, new cabinet doors, new countertops, and appliances. There is no change to the floor or plumbing and other improvements are minimal. If a homeowner is on a tight budget but desires a new look, then changing the kitchen cabinets will provide immediate value. A kitchen that is painted and new cabinets are added will provide a pretty nice return on investment when the homeowner decides to sell. In many cases, these changes can be done easily by a quality Remodeling Company in Southwest Florida.

It is important to remember that these improvement projects will not provide actual profits. In fact, a homeowner may never recover the initial cost of this when you sell their home. However, it will help them sell the home much faster. It will also allow them to sell the home for a larger amount in a good market. Try to keep this in mind when making improvements and ensure that features are added that will be beneficial while still living in the home. More information can be found by contacting the staff at EBL Interiors.