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Items Evaluated by the Chimney Cap Installation Contractor in Annapolis, MD

Despite the upgrades in modern heating options, the fireplace still has a place in the heart of many homeowners. The ability to burn wood as a means to heat up a home is still quite popular. While the chimney is an integral part of this, the open area at the top does need to have a cap. This cap helps prevent animals from accessing the space. These are some of the things to discuss with the contractor prior to the installation of a cap.

The size and shape of the chimney are different for each home. This is because most chimneys were handbuilt with the home itself in mind. The chimney cap installation contractor in Annapolis MD will have to take measurements that determine the dimensions of the cap. Measurements should be done by the contractor to ensure accuracy in the fit of the cap.

If the chimney is old and hasn’t been inspected in a while, the brick may need to have a fresh coat of mortar. Inspections of the chimney are hard to do, especially at the top. Time and weather can wear the mortar joints leading to loose bricks. Since this can compromise the structure the cap needs to rest on, it should be looked at prior to the day of installation.

Some chimneys have liners to protect the brick surface. This item should also be inspected and replaced if necessary. Most linings have to be replaced after a certain number of years of usage. Ideally, the replacement should be accomplished before the cap is installed. The Chimney Cap Installation Contractor in Annapolis MD may want to evaluate the liner as a part of the process. If the liner is too long for the chimney, it will have to be trimmed prior to a cap installation.

These are some of the things that have to be considered with the installation of a chimney cap. Because of the variation in chimney sizes, measurements should be done by the contractor to determine the right size of cap. An inspection of the chimney and liner will also need to be done. Visit website for more information on capping the chimney.