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Kitchen Cabinets – 4 Popular Trends to Consider

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets? If so, you have several decisions to make. For example, do you want to go with “ready-made” or stock cabinets? Maybe you plan to hire a Boca Raton contractor or cabinetmaker for custom work. Installing new cabinetry opens up so many possibilities, and here are three popular trends to think about as you make up your mind.

1. Uncommon or Exotic Wood

Some of the best woods you can choose include cherry, maple, oak, and walnut. They provide beautiful finishes. However, some people enjoy the uncommon and choose mahogany or bamboo. To keep a natural look, you should go with a high gloss glaze or lacquer, to let the true beauty of the wood shine through. Check out this article on bamboo cabinets from HGTV.

2. Twenty-First Century Technology

Many homeowners cannot wait to show off their modern homes, especially their kitchens. They are installing sensor activated faucets and ovens smart enough to tell you dinner is done via your smartphone. Along with this modern technology, you should consider modern contemporary kitchen cabinets. Choose solid colors or wood finishes for best results.

3. Things to Avoid

Easy to install materials are not very popular these days. It is a good idea to avoid things like melamine and particle board. A veneer finish on the doors is not a good look either because it screams “cheap.”

4. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Even though it costs more, many people are checking into custom-made cabinetry. It is a good investment as the price of homes in Boca Raton continues to go up and a kitchen remodel is one of the wisest ways you can spend money on home improvements. This is important if you plan to live there for many years or wish to sell the home soon.