Learning More About the Advantages of a Poured Floor in NY

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Flooring

A building owner who chooses a poured floor in NY might be surprised by all the options they have to choose from. There is basically a poured flooring type for just about any situation that a person might be faced with. As such, poured flooring is very popular with commercial building owners.

Impact Resistant

One reason that poured flooring might be preferred is because of resistance to impact. A commercial garage is a prime example of a building that might need flooring that can withstand impacts. Heavy tools and parts are commonplace in commercial garages. The floor has to be able to survive any impacts from heavy items accidentally falling on it. A gym is another place that might utilize impact-resistant flooring. Heavy weights hitting the floor can cause serious damage. Building owners can contact a place like Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to learn more about impact-resistant floors.

Floors That Are Easy To Clean

Some individuals want a poured floor in NY that is easy to clean. Those who deal with a lot of food don’t want floors that absorb spills and food particles. A commercial kitchen is an example of a place that can use a poured floor that is easy to clean. A poured floor can have a coating applied to it that really helps to protect it against spills and food particles.

Chemical Resistant

Dealing with harsh chemicals is a hard task for most flooring types. Strong chemicals can literally eat away at most flooring types. The good news is that poured flooring can be a solution to building owners who are worried about chemical spills. Epoxies can contain certain compounds that are great at dealing with chemicals. The thickness of the epoxy can also determine how effective the surface is at resisting chemical damage.

Anyone who is in the market for flooring has to determine their needs before selecting a material. A homeowner might only require poured flooring in their garage. A commercial building owner might need different types of poured flooring in different areas of their building. Everyone will have varying needs and will have to work with contractors to find the best solution for their flooring requirements. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.