Wood Veneer Wallpaper Adds Warmth and Sophistication to Any U.S. Home

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Wallpaper and Coverings

The inexpensive wood paneling so popular during the 1970s is thankfully long gone. However, modern wood veneer wallpaper has become extremely popular. Wood wallpaper lends a warm, earthy, and surprisingly sophisticated look to any room. Best of all, it is applied like any other type of wallpaper and can be just as easily removed.

These unique wallcoverings are made from real woods, sliced paper-thin. They come in a wide variety of woods, from pale, golden hickory, rich, brown walnut to precious, deep dark ebony wood. They can truly transform any style of décor into something special, from rustic to minimalistic. However, wood wallpaper generally looks best in a large room with adequate, natural light.

Wood veneer wallpaper can be applied to any wall, and are even flexible enough to wrap around columns. However, since it is made of wood veneer, this type of wallpaper should be avoided in damp areas like a bathroom. The moisture could cause it to buckle.

Rather than rolls, wood wallpaper often comes in two-foot-wide sheets in either 8 or 10-foot lengths. The sheets are finished with a coat of durable, clear matte lacquer. They can be trimmed to size, and straight hung using an appropriate adhesive. Application is not more complicated than any other type of wallpaper.

The wood paneling of the 1970s is long gone, but sophisticated, easy to hang wood veneer wallcoverings could be here to stay.

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