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Maintenance Tips for Walk In Coolers in California

For the most part, walk in coolers are pretty simple to operate but they do require routine maintenance in order to keep it running at peak performance. In most cases, you can train your staff to pitch in and perform the smaller task in order to keep you from having so much to do. If you notice that the cooler is getting as cold as it should, you may need to call in a professional to take a look at it to see what they can do to get it fixed properly. Here are a few things you can do to keep your Walk In Coolers in California properly maintained.

Gaskets and Doors

One of the most important components to your walk in cooler is the doors and gaskets that seal the door shut. Over time these gaskets will begin to gather grease and other material that will restrict the door from closing all of the way. This will reduce the amount of cold air in your Walk In Coolers in California, which can affect the food and other materials contained in it. The best way to keep these gaskets clean is by cleaning them with hot soapy water regularly to remove the dirt and grime that builds up on them.

Condenser and Fan

Another very important part of your Walk In Coolers in California is the condenser and fan, which help to ensure that your unit stays at the right temperature for storing food and beverages. Over time the coils in the condenser will be covered with lint and other debris that restricts the air flow to the unit. The restriction that the lint causes will lead to the condenser having to work harder to achieve the same level of cooling, which will lead to problems with the unit. By cleaning the coils on a regular basis you can help to extend the life of the unit considerably.

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