How Crime Scene Clean Up Works

by | May 6, 2020 | Business

Have you ever watched shows such as CSI and others like it and wondered who in the world cleans up after the crimes they show? Well, since those are television shows, typically, they will have “fake” everything that can be cleaned up by any of the crewmembers or people they have hired to take care of the set. In real life, however, some people do this job for a living and get paid quite well for it! In this article, we will look a little closer into how crime scene cleans up works.

Until recent years when someone had a violent act in their home, it was left up to the homeowner to clean up the mess that may have been caused. Today, there is a crime scene clean up companies popping up all over the place to help take this burden off the victim’s families. Crime scene cleaners typically charge around $600 per hour for their services.

Once a violent death has taken place, it is a crime scene cleanup crew’s job to make sure that there are no signs left from the crime scene. Most of the clean up a crime scene crew deals with would send most of us running out of the house in horror. This type of work takes a particular person that is willing to get down and dirty to make life better for those affected by crime.

The first step the cleanup crew is going to take is to remove any evidence the police may need and get it into the hands of the police. Once this is taken care of, they can begin to remove any stains that may have been caused by the crime. There are always bloodstains that need to be lifted out of the carpet. However, if there is blood on the top of the rug, there is blood underneath the rug as well, and perhaps it has even seeped into the flooring below. This is when the crime scene cleanup crew will have to tear out the carpet and dispose of it as well as perhaps even rip out the flooring and replace it as well. It is good if the people doing these types of jobs have a construction background because it can come in quite handy during most cleanups.

Next, the cleanup crew will have to dispose of any hazardous materials properly. They should be trained on how to deal with these types of materials so that no infectious diseases get spread. They will need to transport the waste to a location that is capable of handling these types of materials. Transporting these toxic wastes can be a big part of the bill associated with crime scene clean up in Oregon crews.

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