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by | Jun 19, 2019 | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler

3 Important Considerations to Help You Plan Kitchen Remodeling

You’re bursting with ideas for kitchen remodeling in Fort Lauderdale. You need a plan.

After you review your layout and decide your priorities, sit down with a measuring tape, notebook, and camera to produce an accurate representation of your kitchen. Here are three important planning considerations before you begin remodeling:

Measure Kitchen Spaces

The doors should be widened. Your new appliances will need to fit through the door. Measure not only the length of your counters but their height as well. Measure the space if your cabinets will rise to the ceiling.

Traffic patterns through a kitchen are marked by helpers and playing kids. The space between counters and island should be 42 inches. If more than one person does the cooking, the space should be 48 inches.

Will base cabinet doors open into your shins as you cook? Will they open to the left or right? Will the fridge door open to the left or right? Planning these measurements before you begin kitchen remodeling in Fort Lauderdale will save time and money and prevent bruised shins.

Decide Where Appliances Will Go

If it can be done without moving the electrical and plumbing connections, place the fridge where it can be used by the family without getting in the cook’s way. The microwave should be at a height any kid can reach. A mini-fridge and microwave at the edge of the room would fit the bill.

Think About Storage

This is essential when you’re planning your kitchen remodel since the first thing buyers seek, and homeowners need, is more storage. Build cabinets to the ceiling. You’ll need a stepladder, but there will be space for the once-a-year turkey platter, heart-shaped cake molds, and Christmas cookie cutters. The everyday stuff can remain on lower shelves.

Free up drawer space by hanging a ceiling-mounted pot rack to hang your stock pot, cast iron skillet, and copper pots and pans. Put shelves for spices and oils besides the stove.