Pest Management In Anne Arundel Will Eliminate Those Tiny Surprises In Your Home

by | May 22, 2017 | Pest Control

A day can be a surprise when a mouse or a pesky insect shows up at home. Mice like to make a home inside of buildings during the colder months but will continue to return during the summer months storing food. It can be embarrassing when friends or family see a mouse or find mice droppings in a kitchen cabinet, bowl, cup or drawer. Eliminating mice begins with a call to Pest Management in Anne Arundel. Although mice bait will reduce the population, no one wants to find dead mice around a home. A pest management company can eliminate and prevent mice from entering a home as well as many of the common insects.

Bed bugs have been increasing in the area and are very difficult to remove. Unlike other insects, spraying an insecticide will not rid them from home. They travel in luggage, inside of clothing from other locations. Once in a home, they will bite unsuspecting sleeping victims at night and make for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. It’s recommended to leave luggage and clothing outside of a home for several days when returning from a trip. The clothes should be in a sealed bag when they’re brought into a home and placed into the washing machine. This small step will help to prevent bed bugs from infesting a home. If they’ve already entered a home, Pest Management in Anne Arundel will have to be contacted to eradicate them.

A pest management company can eliminate ants, bees, bed bugs, fleas, rats, hornets, flies, roaches, spiders, termites, stink bugs and many another types of insects and rodents. The first step of the process is to have a trained technician perform a thorough inspection of the home inside and out. Once they determine the insects that have taken refuge in and around a home, they will provide a homeowner an estimate of removing them. They will also suggest a maintenance plan to keep the pests from returning. Once they’re eliminated, building a barrier around a home will reduce the chance for the pests to return. For more information about removing pests from a home or business, please visit us.