Poured Flooring A Promising Solution To Prevent Common Flooring Mishaps

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Flooring

Imagine a basement waiting to be finished, in need of a durable floor covering that can take the abuse of children, handyman projects and the thumping washing machine. It needs to be able to stand up to damp. It must be easy to clean, since kids and teens will be down there a lot. The existing concrete is horribly cold on the feet. Is it possible to find something that’s both more polished and more child-friendly? There’s certainly nothing fitting that description that can be picked up at Lowe’s and installed in an afternoon.

Luckily, there is an answer. Poured Flooring, a hard surface created by pouring epoxy, urethane, acrylic or another substance in a single sheet across a floor surface, is pretty, durable, available in many color patterns, and very easy to care for. It’s relatively slip-proof for young children and older folks. And just as glass is nonporous and will not absorb food odors or bacteria, so is poured flooring. Sweep it up and mop it with antibacterial solution, and it would be clean enough to eat off–no dirt or germs will have leeched inside the flooring itself. Dirt sweeps up instead of hiding in crevices. Any gunk is surface-level only, and easy enough to peel or scrub off. Pasta sauce may seep into the cracks in an otherwise lovely hardwood floor or stain the grout on tile–let’s not even picture the disaster of pasta sauce on carpet–but it will wipe right off of Poured Flooring. What better surface for a daycare, or even a home with several active, messy children?

Because such floors are big, important purchases for homes and businesses, it is essential to be comfortable with the flooring company one chooses. Before making a selection, it is important to ensure that a company uses quality materials and experienced workers to turn out a satisfactory product. Websites like that of the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation will provide multiple forms of contact information along with information about the products themselves. It is here where one can learn if the company’s flooring systems are FDA, OSHA, EPA and USDA-approved; learn how long a company has been in business; and read information about warranties. Some companies offer full warranties not only on floors, but also on labor, so definitely check for such quality assurances.