Considering Options for New Shower Doors in Greenwood, IN

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Glass

Now that a few other debts are out of the way, the time has come to think about some home renovations. One of the first things the owner wants to do is update the master bathroom. That means investing in new Shower Doors in Greenwood IN. Here are some tips on how to choose doors that add style, function, and general visual appeal to the space.

Settling on the Design

There is more than one type of shower door available today. The trick is to find the design that is the best fit for the space. The options are varied, especially when the bathroom happens to be larger. Depending on the total square footage and the location of the shower within that space, opting for hinged shower doors in Greenwood IN is a possibility. As long as the doors can be in the open position and not make the room seem crowded, the effect can be very appealing.

If space is a concern, choosing to go with sliding shower doors is a better approach. This option does not take up a lot of space, and the doors can still be used as a decorative element in the room without any problem.

Choosing the Right Glass

What sort of glass would enhance the look that the homeowner wants for the space? Some people prefer clear glass, especially when the bathroom is on the small side. Going with clear frameless doors does add to the illusion of more space.

For those who are not crazy about the idea of clear glass, frosted or etched glass are two options to consider. The frosted glass does provide some measure of privacy while still letting more natural light into the shower stall. Etched glass can sport a pattern of the client’s choosing, allowing the doors to also provide the same function as artwork in the space.

For any homeowner who would like to look into different options for shower doors, Contact Kenny Glass today. After taking a look at the space and learning more about what the client has in mind, it will not be difficult to come up with the right choice for the shower doors and set up a date for the installation.