Preventing Marital Discord During Bathroom Remodeling Services for Des Moines, IA Couples

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Home Remodel Guide

Business Insider reports that 12 percent of couples consider getting divorced during home renovations. How seriously they consider this probably varies a great deal. Some may have a fleeting thought that they’d be better off single while others who already have marital problems may actually begin legal action. Before scheduling master bathroom remodeling services Des Moines, IA couples will want to learn the warning signs and how to deal with them effectively.

Stress and Annoyance

A substantial renovation project, even when worked on by professional contractors, can cause stress and annoyance that highlights or worsens any difficulties the couple has been dealing with. Most people have to continue living in the space that’s being renovated. This is troublesome enough for just one person or a very happy couple. It can lead to greater annoyances when the couple is already having a bit of trouble getting along.

Planning for Inconvenience

Before scheduling master bathroom remodeling services Des Moines, IA homeowners should discuss the upcoming inconvenience. The bathroom may be out of commission long enough for this to become an aggravation. This may be the only shower in the home, with another bathroom only being a half bath.

The couple may believe they have a positive attitude so that showering at the gym, at work or at a neighbor friend’s home won’t be too aggravating. However, they likely will start feeling irritable about it at some point.

Cautions About Compromise

About one-third of the 12 percent experiencing marital strife blamed it on differences in style preferences. In some instances, one or the other discovers that a compromise they made to satisfy their spouse is really unsatisfactory for them. What can they do now if they hate the color of the bathroom floor?

The time to deal with these issues is before the work starts, not once it’s in progress with a contractor like HomeWorx Remodeling & Handyman. Compromising just to avoid a continued debate is not advisable. The two may need to look at other possibilities they haven’t thought about to see if they can find something they both really like. Anyone who has completed these discussions and created a plan may click Here to learn about this particular contractor.