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Residential Window Repair in O’Fallon MO Offers the Chance to Install Privacy Glass

When window glass breaks for any reason, homeowners must decide whether to have the entire window replaced or to simply have the glass replaced. Usually, they leave the frame in place and have a contractor who does Window Repair in O’Fallon MO install new glass. This is an ideal time to consider whether a different style or type of glass might be preferable to the material that has previously been there. For instance, this part of the home may benefit from some additional privacy so that passersby cannot see inside when curtains, blinds or drapes are pulled back.

The home’s residents might like to replace a clear bathroom window with a different version, for example. Replacement of glass during Window Repair in O’Fallon MO could swap textured material for the clear model. Many people like to have textured glass at the bottom of a sash window and clear glass at the top. Windows in other parts of the home that face a sidewalk and the street also may benefit from privacy features. A person working in a home office facing a street may not like the idea of people being able to look in, yet appreciates the natural light from windows. Closing the blinds isn’t desirable.

Another option would be to have figured glass installed. This is common in block glass windows. Homeowners may envision block glass they have seen when wondering whether this would look nice in their own home. The glass can include patterns that look curved or random, or it can give the illusion of texture that isn’t actually on the surface. This is one of the best ways to allow light in a while hiding the room’s interior from view.

Many different styles are available for those products, so there’s something to please everyone. Patterns that imitate reeds and pebbles are popular, as are more generalized textured patterns that obscure the view. Frosted glass is available from a company such as A M Richards Glass Co Inc St. Louis MO, and these products can be purchased in a variety of designs. Even though nobody can see through the glass, natural light still shines through.