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What to Look for with Custom Homes in Indiana

When people finally have the chance to build the home of their dreams, they need to find a builder who can guide them through every step of the process. They want to find a builder experienced with the design and construction of Custom Homes. They should find a contractor can not only help them select their options but also help them save money with energy efficient choices. They need to partner with a builder who will keep them informed every step of the way.

For those who may be thinking of building a new home, they would be wise to visit with the staff at Lancia Homes. For over 40 years they have satisfied their customers in Indiana by listening to them, and then building homes that exceed their expectations but come in at the agreed upon price. Customers want to find a contractor who will assist them in constructing a home that is very energy efficient. New homes can provide savings on heating and cooling costs up to 50% and can give homeowners up to 30% overall energy savings.

When folks decide to build their dream home, they want to deal with a company that not only builds Custom Homes but stands behind them. Customers should insist on getting a two-year guarantee, and this should cover everything from the foundation up to the roof. They should also see about getting a four-year warranty on the roof, and ask about guarantees that the basement remains dry.

Prospective customers also want to do business with a builder that won’t hide any additional expenses or costs. Everything should be transparent, and customers should have a signed and valid building construction agreement with all of the exact costs, and any allowances clearly spelled out. If and when a customer decides to add any additional features while the building is underway, a change work order should be written up and signed, which will clearly spell out what the additional costs are being applied to. Dealing with a builder that has everything spelled out and doesn’t spring any surprises will make the process so much easier for the customer. You can connect us at Linkedin.