Why a Roofing Contractor in Downers Grove, IL May Recommend Fresh Coating Instead of a New Roof

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Roofing Contractor

Finding out the Roofing Contractor in Downers Grove IL does not think the roof needs replacing is a relief. What may be more of a mystery is why the contractor is recommending a fresh roof coating along with some simple repairs. The fact is that adding the coating to the current roofing materials will pay off in more than one way. Consider these advantages before advising the contractor the repairs will be enough for now.

Preventing the Roof From Fading

At present, the color of the roof is still much as it was at the time of installation. That coating will prevent any further fading from taking place and help preserve the look of the roof. While it’s true, the Roofing Contractor in Downers Grove IL verified the materials are still in great shape, that doesn’t mean the color will not be affected over the next few years. With the coating applied after the repairs are made, the homeowner can expect the roof to retain the right look along with remaining sturdy.

Extending the Life of the Roof

The coating helps to add more durability to the roofing itself. This is true whether the materials happen to be metal, asphalt, or other commonly used roofing options. Adding a few more years of performance to the roof provides more time to set aside funds and be able to pay for a replacement out of pocket instead of relying on financing options.

Making It Easier to Cool the House

Not everyone is aware the coating does more than protecting the roofing materials. That coating deflects UV rays and helps to keep the roof itself a little cooler. That, in turn, makes it easier to cool the structure underneath. Some professionals state that the effect can be as much as ten degrees difference. That would mean using much less energy to maintain the desired temperature in the home.

Before making any assumptions about the roof, browse our website and learn more about what types of service and support are available. Arrange for a professional to inspect the roof and determine what type of work needs to be done. Once a plan is decided, the work can proceed without any delay.