Steel Security Doors: The Top Advantages

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Doors

No matter where you live, it seems that theft and crime are prevalent. You may not even go a few days without hearing of a neighbour whose home was broken into or that suffered undue loss. Therefore, it makes sense that you ensure your safety and the safety of your possessions. Steel security doors are the answer because they are made of the best materials possible. Unless the thief has a lot of time and a variety of tools, they won’t make it inside. Most thieves can’t take that much time and effort because they’re worried they’ll get caught.

Steel security doors can also include advanced locking features to ensure that you can close the door and it locks automatically. Even if yours doesn’t offer such options, you can be sure that the locking mechanism will be just as strong as the door itself. You’ll never have to worry about thieves entering your home, but also won’t have to deal with the thought of living like a prison guard. Your door won’t look any different from the outside and can still be ornate and luxurious. However, it’s reinforced to provide more security and safety.

At SP Screens, you get the highest-quality materials. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have some room to go grand, you’ll find a variety of options available. You can choose the colour you desire, which is powdered-coated for added strength and reduction of corrosion. You’ll also get a new frame made of steel and fully-welded hinges. On the inside, you’ll have a solid steel bar that can’t be penetrated, but on the outside, it will look like any other door. Steel security doors are the perfect solution because they include anti-jimmy covers, and everything is galvanised and hot-dipped, ensuring added security and safety.