Sweet Benefits of Street Light Globes

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Home Design Services

When you’re highlighting a charming al fresco dining area or adding a stately touch to your driveway, consider investing in street light globes. Glance below for a quick rundown of the bountiful benefits provided by this style of exterior lighting.

Maximized Outdoor Functionality

Without appropriate exterior lighting, your outdoor spaces are significantly less usable at night. Placing street light globes in high use areas will welcome visitors to relax at all times of the day – maximizing the functionality and frequency of use for these spaces.

Added Security and Safety

Regardless of age, stumbling over dark yards and walkways can always spell trouble. You can greatly reduce the danger of tripping by strategically spacing street light globes around your outdoor spaces. Exterior lighting also acts as a crime deterrent, further increasing the security of your outdoor andindoor spaces. For a noticeable increase in your night-time safety and security, consider placing street lights along walkways, patios, entries, and the outer perimeter of your property.

Increased Curb Appeal

Regardless of daylight or darkness, street lights will instantly increase the curb appeal of your property. During the day, street light fixtures are on full display alongside your landscaping. After dark, street lights will increase the functionality, ambiance, and safety of your outdoor spaces.

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