What to Expect from an Interior Design Studio in Bradenton FL?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Home Design Services

Most people associate an Interior Design Studio in Bradenton FL with high costs and several visits to the studio to approve concepts and changes. The time and money expenditure are perceived as frivolous and meant for wealthy homeowners. It is time to discover just how affordable and easy services and custom designs are in Bradenton.

In-Home Consultations

A free in-home consultation is how the entire process begins. The design professional arrives at the home to assess and measure the space, discuss the needs and wants of the family, and determine the budget for the project. From there, work begins on options for flooring, window treatments, and cabinetry.

Recommendations, drawings, and color schemes are presented to the owner for approval. This sets up the way for product selection and installation. The studio handles every stage of the process from conception to completion to save people time and money.


The installation professionals working for the Interior Design Studio in Bradenton FL combine stylish and beautiful components with smart home technology. Window blinds, for example, can be installed with programmable automation capacities. Owners can control the climate in the home by deciding when the blinds open and close and making a few clicks on their smart phones or computers.

High-quality products are offered for durability, value, and excellent warranties. Interiors created by a design studio will be striking and last longer than components purchased from department stores. The reduction in replacements costs due to faded fabrics, broken hardware, and malfunctioning mechanisms make the result more cost-effective. Compare the difference between money spent over the past year and the quote for design services.

Energy Efficiency

An increase in the energy efficiency of the interior is another aspect to expect from a design studio. Window treatments can include tinting, solar shades, and insulated drapes, among others. This one component alone can reduce utility costs drastically over the year and for every year in the future. Remember to configure those savings into the total cost of the project.

Visit us to schedule a free in-home consultation and explore the options of a designer interior for your home. The increase in property value will offset the costs increased due to the products chosen.as well. Insurance premiums may decrease if security and privacy has

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