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Taking Preventative Measures to Keep Your Lawn Green All Season Long

Spring brings new life to your lawn. After a long winter, the grass in your yard is brown and dead. However, the warmth of spring’s fresh sunshine and air enlivens your lawn and causes dull grass to become green and beautiful.

When you want to keep the healthy color of your yard long after spring fades into summer, you need to take preventative measures to protect its health and vitality. With professional lawn care services in Edmond, OK, homeowners like you can enjoy a green and healthy yard all the way into mid to late autumn.

Killing Pesky Weeds

Weeds are one of the biggest threats to the health and color of your yard. They choke the life out of the grass. They also steal water and nutrients from the soil and atmosphere. If weeds are allowed to grow uninhibited, they could overtake the property and cause a premature death to the grass.

When you hire local lawn care services in Edmond, OK, customers like you can have all of the deadly weeds killed and removed. The contractors use a variety of tools, including weed killer sprays and weed eaters, to get rid of them right away.

Fertilizing the Lawn

You also can keep the lawn green by spreading mulch and fertilizer across it several times each season. You will want to use fertilizer during the first weeks of spring. You then can use it again after you plant new grass seed.

You likewise can spread more fertilizer and mulch near the end of summer and into the early fall. Fertilizing the lawn will insulate it during the cold months of winter. It also will provide nutrients to dormant grass roots until spring arrives again.

These preventative measures can help keep your yard green. It also will ensure the grass comes up green with the arrival of spring.

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