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Caring for Stone Surfaces After Countertop Installation in Middleton MA

When replacing old laminate or tile kitchen countertops with stone, certain considerations must be made by the homeowners. For example, there are height differences between stone and those other materials, which might mean an existing backsplash would have to be replaced. In the interest of consistency, the homeowners might want a new stone backspla sh anyway. Stone Countertop Installation in Middleton MA can be completed by contractors providing granite and marble products.

When homeowners are ready to start discussing design possibilities, they may view information about one particular installation contractor at. By the time they call, they probably have already decided which type of stone they want and the color scheme.

Preventing Nicks From Knives

After stone Countertop Installation in Middleton MA, the household residents can keep the new surfaces looking great by being reasonably careful about their use. Granite is hard enough to be used as a cutting board, but a real cutting board is a better idea.

Avoiding Excessive Heat From Pans

Similarly, placing hot pans just taken off of the burner or out of the oven onto the stone should be avoided. Trivets or other hot pads can be used.

Using Gentle Cleansers

No harsh cleansers like bleach or ammonia should be applied to the stone. Many gentler cleaners that are more commonly used on kitchen surfaces are suitable for stone.

Avoiding Clutter

The customers of a contractor such as RSK Stone may want more countertop space to store small appliances and canister sets, but they may want to think about reducing a cluttered appearance in the kitchen. Granite and marble countertops are chosen partly because of their aesthetic beauty. Covering most of the surface with kitchen equipment and storage containers may hide a large amount of the stone and its unique patterning.

One lovely canister set may adorn the countertop and not use up much space, but there really should be no need to have small appliances that are not used daily sitting on the surface. A convenient appliance garage can be installed to house those devices, hiding them from view and allowing for more work space on the countertops.

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