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The Place To Go For All Tenting Needs

While many companies are trusted for their expertise in automobile window tenting, it is a lot more difficult to find a company that can handle home and business window tenting along with it. Those who require tenting to be done, can get all their needs met, to the best ability possible, by choosing Custom Clear Cuts.

No One Escapes The Sun

Living in a hot area, such as Malibu, can lead to a lot of hassle and expense when it comes to cooling down the home. Often, those with homes, especially large ones, deal with a high expense with all the electricity used. Those who wish to remain comfortable, while spending as little every month as possible, should definitely consider getting their windows tinted. It’s an easy and efficient way to keep the home cooler and create a more comfortable living environment.

The Beauty Of Ceramics

Ceramics create a beautiful appearance inside and outside the home. Other materials simply can’t live up to the quality given by them. Those who care about how their home looks often choose ceramics for the purpose of aesthetics.


Commercial Glass Tinting Malibu at Custom Clear Cuts gives the purchaser a lot of options. Some wish to block the sun away from their home just a little, while others choose to go most of the way with the tent until it is almost completely dark. This company gives you the choice between 70%, 50%, 35%, and 20%.

All of Your Needs

Why get each job done by a different company? Commercial Glass Tinting Malibu contains a lot who can only do one or can only do one properly. When choosing Custom Clear Cuts, you are choosing a company that deals with a variety of different ceramic window tinting installations. This makes Custom Clear Cuts worthy of your trust.