Three Important Things To Consider When Purchasing New Garage Door Openers In Phoenix AZ

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Garage Doors

One of the best ways to keep a vehicle safe from inclement weather and would-be thieves is to store it inside a garage. Pulling a vehicle in and out can be a cumbersome task, but Garage Door Openers in Phoenix, AZ make it easy by allowing a driver to open the door to a garage with the touch of a button. Before rushing out to purchase a new opener, be sure to check out the following, as this will ensure a unit that will be ready to stand the test of time and offer unparalleled convenience for years to come.

Drive Construction

In the past, most openers were constructed using a chain driven system, and while reliable, they create an excessive amount of noise and vibration during use. Manufacturers have remedied this problem by producing products that are now powered by a belt or direct drive system. This allows a door to be opened quickly and quietly, and it creates little to no vibration, which can extend the lifespan of the device.

Horsepower Rating

Garage Door Openers in Phoenix, AZ come with multiple motor sizes, ranging from 1/3 to 1-1/2 horsepower. The smaller horsepower units may be less expensive, but typically only provide enough power to lift a one-car garage door. Larger garage door sizes require the use of a 1 1/2 horsepower motor, as this will allow them to be raised and lowered and prevent excess wear on the engine caused by overworking it.

Features and Accessories

New openers now come with a variety of accessories that make them not only straightforward to use but more convenient. Many now offer Wi-Fi connectivity and allow the device to be controlled with a mobile phone, and will provide real-time status updates, so a homeowner never has to wonder if they forgot to shut their garage. Other features such as battery backup and automatic close settings further increase convenience and make it easy for anyone to operate a garage door safely.

Purchasing a new garage door can be overwhelming, but the team at Neighborhood Garage Door Service offers design, installation and repair services, and can help keep any garage safe and free from intruders. Visit online to learn more and see how a quality garage door opener can increase convenience and security.