Tips for Choosing Home Carpets in Ankeny IA

by | May 22, 2019 | Flooring

Although hardwood flooring has surpassed carpeting in popularity, there are still many homeowners who prefer the softer side that carpeting allows in a home. When it comes to choosing carpets in Evanston, homeowners often feel slightly overwhelmed because they are unsure of which type will offer them the best results, along with the level of comfort they are searching for. With this information, homeowners will have an easier time making their selection.

There are several types of carpeting available to help homeowners choose the right look for their space:

• While shag carpeting was made popular in the seventies, it is still going strong today, only it is now available in much nicer colors. Shag carpeting made a comeback in the last few years and is now becoming increasingly popular. This type of carpeting is best for family rooms and bedrooms. It should not be used in bathrooms or dining rooms and is not recommended for pets.

• Solid cut pile is the most popular choice among homeowners because of its uniform and neat appearance. This is the ideal carpeting for homes with children and pets because it is soft and resilient without having any loops that can catch pet nails. This type of carpeting appears flat on the surface because all of the carpet fibers are bluntly cut to one length.

• Cut and loop carpeting is the perfect choice for homeowners who prefer a subtle pattern to their carpeting. This carpeting is perfect for high traffic areas and can be especially beneficial for homes with children and pets because the pattern is forgiving and disguises minor wear and tear.

• Modular tile carpeting is becoming increasingly popular among the new home styles of today. This type of carpeting is easy to install, so homeowners can often save on installation costs. With this style of carpeting, homeowners can create their own unique look using different patterns and colors.

This information should give you some basic ideas of available carpets in Evanston. You can find the perfect carpeting for your home by visiting American Carpet Distributors. They offer an extensive array of carpeting to help you find the perfect one for your home’s decor.